Saturday, September 12, 2009

knitting weather

it was cool today and rainy.... perfect fall knitting weather. so when i got home tonight i decided to finally face my baby surprise jacket. about a week ago i discovered my stitch count was off and knew the mistake had probably happened in the last 5 rows i had knit. i could have fudged it, but didn't want to..... instead i procrastinated fixing it for a week..... the knitting weather won out tonight though, and i frogged 4 rows before discovering my mistake. now i can continue the forward progess!

tomorrow is supposed to be good knitting weather too!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

out of steam

well i knit three of the bibs o love before i ran out of steam and needed to knit something else. i also was running out of peaches n cream..... however i have plenty of sock yarn! so i am now knitting the second half to this baby gift, a baby surprise jacket from the opinionated knitter. i am using this beautiful rio de la plata yarn that looks like it is kettle dyed. it is all one color, but has subtle shade variations.

i still have to sew the buttons on the bibs, and then they are complete! i think after i finish the surprise jacket i will work on my jaywalker socks which are halfway done.... again, we'll see because i also decided to knit myself the cabaret pullover..... so many knits..... so llittle time!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

old knits, new pics

so i finished this green gable sweater way back in 2006, but the photo i had for it in ravelry was a stinker. this morning on the way out of the house i had my husband take a photo with my iphone for the blog. that is about the only knitting related activity i have done the past few days.

i am almost done with the third bib o' love, and i want to get some more yarn to do a few more. i was thinking some browns or neutrals that i could mix with some of the bright colored sugar n cream i have left. who knows.....

Saturday, August 29, 2009

another convert.......

this is angela.... she is in the early phases of developing a knitting problem...... and i am helping her. i taught angela to knit last week, and as you can see from the picture she is holding a completed hat from itty bitty hats. to my knowledge she has already cast on her second baby hat and will probably have it close to finished by tomorrow. angela also has yarn for a third hat and a pair of socks. my job here is complete.

Friday, August 28, 2009

mobile solution?

ok, so i realized i have not blogged in forever.... and i may have a solution.....a mobile solution. i have discovered that there is an iphone app that allows me to upload photos to my flickr account from my iphone. i can then blog from flickr as well as update my ravelry pics.... could this be the solution? no promises anymore, lets just wait and see

Saturday, March 21, 2009

yes, i did

rip out my icarus shawl. i realized after months of it sitting there that I would never finish it. lace that intricate takes long periods of time sitting quietly and just counting and knitting. those of you who know me probably can guess the probability of this happening for me on an extended basis. so i frogged it. I am going to use the yarn however to knit the "whisper cardigan" form the newest edition of interweave knits.

i also have been on a knitting hiatus, and i think it's because i haven't knit enough stuff for myself lately, and so have not enjoyed any of the fruits of my labor to keep me motivated. is that horrible?

so for now i am going to knit just for matthew and i for a stretch. this will be put to the test with an upcoming baby shower.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

monkey see, monkey do

i finished my monkey socks this afternoon, grafting the toe on the second sock while i was having a latte with my good friend jackie. jackie is the kind of friend every knitter dreams of having, in that while she is telling you a story and you begin grafting a toe, she understands you are listening. jackie is the kind of friend who understands my multi-tasking personality and i am blessed to have her in my life.

i was just about to blog about my friend angie and how i was looking forward to meeting her for knitting on saturday. while i was typing her name she called to say she was fighting a cold. so everyone pray for angie to get better so i can knit with her.